Attention Lenders:

The New NACHA Rules Go Into Effect September 2015. Will You Comply?

arrowHurdle rates impose 15% total, 3% administrative, 0.5% unauthorized limits

If You’re Looking For an Alternative to ACH or Want to Expand Your Payment Options Then This Solution Is For You…

RCPOs (Remotely Created Payment Orders) Are a Valuable Alternative or Replacement to ACH


RCPOs, if properly managed, are capable of filling the void left by the loss of ACH applicability

  • Solves immediate NACHA return rate issues…
  • Cleared as a check not an ACH and therefore, not subject to NACHA
  • Typically replaces initial ACH attempts and representments
  • Receive fast notice of return items via electronic file delivery
  • Clear rates are similar to ACH
  • Shown as a check image on consumers bank statement

About Remotely Created Payment Orders

RCPOs are very similar in substance and clearing method to Remotely Created Checks. The material difference being that RCPOs never take the form of a physical check.

  • Never takes a physical check form
  • Created from payment instructions authorized by consumer
  • Like RCCs, cleared as a check not an ACH and therefore, not subject to NACHA

Time Is Running Out. Here’s What to Do Next…

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