Determine If the Exact Funds are Available in Your Customers Bank Account BEFORE You Submit an ACH Debit or Deposit a Check…Improve Your Collection Rate and Eliminate Costly ACH returns and NSF Fees.

How Funds Confirmation works

If gVerify™ determines the account is valid and has a positive balance, then our Funds Confirmation service will determine if funds are available to pay for the item.

  • If account status is confirmed as open and valid we present to the Funds Confirmation Network
  • If the account is in the network, the account is pinged to be sure the amount of the item is covered
  • We return the file with the results so you can proceed with processing your ACH or Check transactions

Return Protection

Our Return Protection Program provides the most effective means of protecting your company and your clients against costly, unwarranted ACH/Check returns. Return Protection leverages bank verification systems to mitigate ACH return risk by monitoring customer bank accounts to prevent planned ACH or checks from returning due to insufficient funds or closed accounts. Achieve industry best practices by maintaining low return and unauthorized rates while protecting your clients from going further into debt by incurring costly bank fees.

The Process

We work with each company to establish the appropriate parameters for each company’s specific profile. By varying the days and duration for which files are monitored, we ensure that the Return Protection Program is not only cost-effective, but revenue generating. Depending upon the nature of the debt, the age, amount, and principle to fee breakdown, we create a program suite specifically for your portfolio. Once the schedule is created, your company begins sending automated files to a secure database that will in turn provide meaningful data and analytics daily

What It Does for You…

Verify Account Status

Get real-time status of bank accounts before you process a check or ACH.

Response codes include:

  • Closed or Frozen
  • Positive or Negative Balance
  • Excessive Returns
  • Repeat Offender of NSF
  • Account Not Located
  • Stop Payment
  • And Much More…

Confirm Funds

Our optional funds confirmation service is an added layer of protection.

If an account is valid and has a positive balance then we ping the funds confirmation network to confirm there are sufficient funds to pay the item. And you only pay for confirmed data!


Detect and stop fraud dead in its tracks.

You’ll get access to the largest non-participant financial institution network in the country and vital check history across multiple, national databases giving you the most powerful tool you can have to stop fraud & verify accounts.

What’s Included?

Virtual Terminal

Verify a single item with our easy to use secure web login. Accessible from any internet connection. So easy to use you’ll be up and running in 10 minutes or less! (perfect for small merchants or admin)


Advanced search and customized web reporting gives you the data you need at your finger tips to make intelligent processing & risk decisions.


New user training is included. And we provide full tech support for customized needs for mid to large companies. Speed and flexibly are key. We will cater to your unique needs.

Batch Process or API

Batch process is simple to use that requires no integration. For advanced users automate with our full API. Built for serious users that run thousands of transactions.

Data Security

Built to comply with the most stringent requirements of even the large banks and insurance companies.

Savings Analysis

Let us show you the savings. We’ll analyze your current methods and costs and give a report of how you can save money. We guarantee better coverage and lower cost than any other provider. Period!

We have been using gVerify for several months now and so far this is been a great success for our company. We saw our default rates decline around five basis points in the time that we’ve been using their service. We currently run all of our applications through their service prior to using other products in our scoring model. We are extraordinarily pleased and will continue to use their service as it’s providing a great value for our company. I recommend anyone who needs to do credit scoring to use this service as a front line defense to counteract fraud an invalid accounts.



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